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Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home

Funeral & Memorial Services

In planning a funeral, there are many decisions to make. Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home provides information to help you make those decisions and hopefully answer more questions you may have surrounding the service, memorialization, and the final resting place.

Gathering with the body present, is called a funeral service. If the body is not present the gathering is called a memorial service. Depending upon your choice of either burial, cremation or placement of the deceased in an above-ground vault, you can have either a memorial service or a funeral service. Commonly there is a period of visitation at the funeral home, during which the casket may be open or closed, according to the survivors' requests.

We at Consigli Ruggerio Funeral Home are here to guide you through the decision making process. Those decisions include choosing a casket, a vault and or an urn and choosing the type of service. Also, we will help you to decide the process that people can use to express their sympathy, such as flowers or donations to the deceased's favorite charities.

We offer a Traditional Funeral Service which consists of the following:
  • Removal of remains from place of death
  • Preparation of the remains (embalming), dressing, cosmetics, and placing in a container (Casket) for final disposition
  • Use of a facility for viewing, religious, or other type of memorialization or ceremony
  • A funeral coach for transportation of remains to a cemetery for burial
  • Committal service 
  • Handling and transportation of flowers
  • All work necessary in obtaining a valid death certificate and permit for disposition
  • The arrangement conference necessary to obtain required information and signed documents (such as embalming authorization, contract and other authorization forms)
We're here to help with every aspect of the funeral process, such as:
  • Arranging Funeral Plans
  • Helping Notify Friends & Family
  • Securing Permits & Death Certificates
  • Taking Care of The Deceased
  • Coordinating Details With Clergy
  • Helping Arrange Burial or Cremation
  • Helping Secure Veteran's Burial Allowance, Social Security or Other Benefits
  • Follow-up After Funeral
  • Notifying Employer
  • Notifying Organization
  • Luncheon Arrangements
  • Markers and Monuments

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